why GilaChess.asia?

Previously, I had a blog courtesy of my friend Andrew Ooi (GilaChess) at url www.wisepawn.gilachess.com.
The domain was discontinued by Andrew sometime ago. GilaChess has been with the Malaysia chess community for a long time and it is a pity to see it get forgotten. So I decided to built my website using GilaChess but the domain is now valued at USD1,595.

I hope to provide visitors of this site whatever Chess info that worth sharing.

17/9/2015 (p/s: Andrew is getting active again recently, hope he can stay active for the good of Malaysia Chess community)

This is a site about Chess and whatever happenings that come to my attention. The pages are still work in progress and there will be changes along the way. Anyway, there will be postings happening (may be a bit slow) at this site. Do come back for more things that happening around like haze?!


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