Bishop+Knight vs Rook

May 21, 2017 | | Say something

The Selangor Open 2017 has ended almost 3 weeks already. My personal report card of this game is quite bad. Even through I managed to improve my score to 50%, better than last year; I lost quite a number of rating points.

Anyway, there were a few games that I managed to display some chess understanding especially one that is a Bishop+Night+Pawns vs Rook+Pawns. My friend, J who is also a FI who watched the game think it is a good demonstration of ‘patient and control’. So I will like to share this instructive game even through the moves played might not be the best move.

The ideas is not allowing the Rook to penetrate into the White camp; then move the King into a more active position. Then with more fire power (K+B+N vs K+R) capturing the pawns at the same time protecting our pawns.

This is the position going into the B+N vs R:

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