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IAFG (Inter-Accounting Firm Games) is an annual Sport event organized among the accounting firms in the Klang Valley. The history go long way back and it is now in its 40th version. This year’s event is organized by Ernst & Young.
IAFG Chess is a team event comprising of 5 boards with the 5th board reserved for lady player with 2 reseve players. Chess was first introduced in the year 1999 as an demonstration game and subsequently becomes a standard game in 2000.

This year’s event took place on 17th Oct, at Menara Milenim, Pusat Bandar Damansara with 7 firms taking part, and they are:

1. Deloitte
2. EY
4. PwC
5. RSM
6. BDO

This year’s chess tournament is won be Deloitte leads by NWM Fong Mi Yen. Almost half of the players are NR rated  (16 players), they are:

Khoo Kean Loong (BDO, 1187)
Teh Wee Zhun (Deloitte, 1699)
Fong Mi Yen (G) WCM, WNM (Deloitee, 1651)
Ooi Chong Lip (Deloitte, 1477)
Edwin Chuah (Deloitte, 1429)
Wong Yu Sann (Deloitte, 1414)
Isaac Hong Xing Wei (EY, 1725)
Prem Kumar Tharation (EY, 1406)
Evon Khong Yi Kuan (EY, 1327)
Ong Mei Wen (G) (EY, 1288)
Wong Mun Fei (EY, 1169)
Ian Siah Jun Ren (KPMG, 1786)
Michael Daniel Louis (KPMG, 1414)
Poon Jit Hon (KPMG, 1401)
Chew Yaw Chong (PwC, 1736)
Ng Chung Ren (PwC, 1387)

Addition information are available from facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iafg2015?fref=ts)

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